Our Company

Our Story

Fliplist.com is a real estate investment firm run by seasoned real estate investors based in Miami, FL. The company was founded by a group of ex-military partners who decided to leave our jobs and fulfill our passion – real estate investing. We’re a real estate investment company that focuses on giving value by helping investors reach their financial goals with amazing deals that most people won’t be able to find.
After over 100 fix & flips and development projects, over 100 doors owned and 500+ transactions in 5 different states, we realized that a lot of investors struggle to find deals and make huge mistakes by purchasing bad deals (that on the paper look amazing).

“The market is too HOT, it’s impossible to find deals in today’s market!”

We thought so too, and we heard it a lot.
And don’t get us wrong, we’ve been burned a lot. Mostly because we picked the wrong deals from the wrong people, were misled by wholesalers with completely wrong numbers, and didn’t know how to comp properties correctly.
We believe that God’s guidance and good character help keep us accountable for the way we treat ourselves and others. This is our moral and ethical compass. We’re not like other companies that sell investment properties. What makes us different is that we perform every single day with our BEST SELVES.

How Do We Do It?

Ever wondered who that company is that snaps up the best deals and the highest discounts on properties in the area before anyone else ever even hears about them? Well, that’s us.
We’ve spent years developing unique marketing strategies and sales tactics. This, combined with our amazing team members and cutting-edge technology, gave us a huge advantage in the market. We beat the competition even in ultra-competitive markets and build wealth and financial freedom for ourselves and our investors. We’re proud to be the industry’s leading source of deeply off-market discounted properties, whether for flips or rentals. We’re constantly picking up new properties and always have deals available.

Our Vision

After we streamlined the whole process for our company and basically cracked the code, our vision was born – to change the off-market industry and become the most reliable source in the market with amazing deals daily, accurate numbers, and amazing team members.

We became real estate investors, not only to support our families, but to help investors get out of the rat race and create financial freedom through real estate. 

Our Core Values

Real Estate Off Market Deals Be Empathetic

Real Estate Off Market Deals Be Humble

Real Estate Off Market Deals Always Follow Through

Real Estate Off Market Deals Provide a WOW Experience

Real Estate Off Market Deals Pursue Growth and Learning

Real Estate Off Market Deals Let Our Faith In God Guide Us

Our Mission

“To Positively IMPACT Customer & People Through Real Estate. One INTERACTION And Transaction At A Time.”

Legitimate Real Estate Wholesalers
Happy Investing! 
Guy Nizri, Co-founder

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