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Whether you’re an agent trying to sell your house or your client’s house or an investor trying to get rid of his contract, we can help. We have the widest buyers list in the market, hands down. We have solid relationships with the most amazing and reliable buyers. 95% of our properties are sold the same day, and usually within a few hours. Just submit your deal, and if it’s approved by our underwriting team, we will reach out to you within a few hours and give you an offer. We’ll verify the details and make sure that we have everything we need to sell your property fast.

Deal Submission Guidelines

Simply fill out the deal submission form below. Before filling out the form, consider the following:
If you’re an investor: You must have the property under contract with the seller of record. Please attach a copy of the executed contract between you and the seller (you can hide the original price if you’d like).
If you’re a realtor: We will need to have a listing agreement in place or a different form of agreement that the seller of record agrees to sell their house.

After submitting the form, we will reach out to you and go over the details of the property. From there, we will help you sell the property or simply make an offer.

  • Please upload pictures to a photo-sharing website like Google or DropBox. Please make the pictures available for public sharing. If you can’t provide pictures or if they are low quality, we will need to have our team take a look before we send your property to our buyers.
  • We are unable to partner on deals in RURAL AREAS, if your deal is in a rural area please DO NOT SUBMIT IT.
  • We don’t buy lands
  • Currently we operate only in Tampa, FL and Atlanta, GA metros.

    ** Please allow our team until end of business day to review your submission.

Deal Submission Form

  • Max. file size: 8 MB.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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