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Please Read Below As We Have Some
Important Tips Before Working With Us

Congratulations! You made your first step to get the best deals in the market and build more wealth with us.
We gathered some tips for you to help you see our deals first and have more chances to get them, as they go fast.

  • We post all of our deals on the WEBSITE between 6PM – 7PM EST. We usually get 1-2 new properties every day and you can see our properties Here.
  • The next morning, we EMAIL the deal at 8:30AM EST.
    Look for an Email from Christian from Fliplist. The subject of the email is the property address (we hate spamming and are pretty straightforward).
  • If you included your phone number in the form, you’ll get the property directly to your phone via TEXT at 9:15AM EST.
  • Best way to reach us is by phone or text. Email are usually slower.
  • If you’re a wholesaler, DO NOT blindly email blast our deals without written permission. It’s illegal.
  • If you’re a realtor – We love working with realtors. We can pay you a 2% commission. Ask us how we can work together.
  • If you have any more questions, you’re more than welcome to call us, or review our FAQ page.

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Happy Investing! 
Guy Nizri, Co-founder